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Question from social organisations:

Where does the coal for energy production come from and is this mined responsibly?

This question is relevant to all energy companies in the Netherlands. A quarter of the Dutch energy production revolves around coal. Nuon’s core values and principles are based on a socially responsible business model. This includes the responsible extraction of raw materials and as much transparency of our business practices and that of our suppliers as is possible.

We take questions about the origin of fuels, in this case coal, and the effect on the environment of the mining thereof, very seriously. We insist that suppliers – nationally and internationally – guarantee the responsible extraction of raw materials.

Specific guidelines

We get our coal directly from exporting mining companies or on the international fuel trading market. In all instances we conform to the UN guidelines from the UN Global Compact for, amongst other things, labour conditions and the effect on the environment. We are also careful about who we do business with and Nuon regularly carry out a risk analysis before choosing a partner.

International agreements

Coal trading is international and that means that agreements are required on an international level. Nuon supports this and makes clear agreements that are complied with and fulfilled around the world. Nuon collaborates with mining companies and social organisations to improve the sustainable extraction of coal.

Responsibility along the supply chain
In the chain of extraction, delivery and the use of coal, the different parties all have their own responsibilities. We emphasize the urgency and necessity to guarantee the responsible extraction of coal and contribute nationally and internationally to the ‘coal dialogue’.

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