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Nuon in discussion with children

How does Nuon take future generations into consideration?

The power of children
Children are starting to ask questions about the climate, energy and sustainability. Nuon encourages their awareness of responsible use of electricity. We do this by developing teaching and learning material especially for children. We also listen to what they have to say about sustainability, for a fresh look into what we do.

EnergyGenie for children
Nuon has developed playful instruments and resources to make children aware of energy use and energy saving. What is learned in the cradle lasts ‘til the grave. An example of this is the ‘Energy Genius’ (EnergieGenie.nl), a website for children and teenagers where they can find information about (sustainable) energy and how to save electricity. The EnergyGenie website helps with school projects and speeches, for example by offering a step-by-step plan, films, informative graphics and tools for the digital school board.

Nuon and the Council of Children
Nuon also invites children to think about the sustainability of our business operations and the sustainability of our decisions. It all has an impact on their future. To do this we have partnered with the Council of Children, an initiative of the Missing Chapter Foundation (MCF). Together, we structurally go into discussion with children and teenagers on topics of social interest, like sustainability.

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