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Asked by Joke de Kock,

Chairman of the NVVK, Dutch Association for Debt Relief and Social Banking.

What is Nuon doing to make consumers aware of energy costs?

Rising energy costs are a considerable burden on consumers with a low income. Using more electricity, because we are relying on more and larger appliances, can become a serious financial problem for households. To avoid clients defaulting on payments and getting into debt, we advise our clients on how they can manage their energy costs.

Debt issues and responsibility
When clients default on payments, Nuon is wherever possible, fair but firm. We work within the personal information protection law, with local health authorities, credit bureaus and debt relief organisations, like the NVVK. In this way, we normally avoid cutting off the power to our clients requiring financial assistance.

Everything under control
Insight into their energy use is one of the most important ways our clients can manage how much electricity they use and therefore the costs down. We support this with various tools (Dutch only) available to our clients: 

Nuon’s E-manager makes it possible to see exactly how much energy you are using and what it costs. The device can be operated from your smart phone or computer. Users get insight into their energy consumption and can even switch off appliances remotely.

Saving energy
Saving energy benefits everyone: it lowers the consumer’s costs and puts less pressure on the environment. The Nuon ‘Ed and Eduard’ campaign, seen on television commercials, brings this to the attention of the consumer. Nuon’s quarterly season guide includes tips on how to save electricity. We also offer the online WastageCheck (VerspillingsCheck; Dutch only) to make customers aware of how they can reduce their energy consumption. These measures all contribute to the awareness of energy costs.

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