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Questions from Dutch Consumers:

Could all energy in the Netherlands be completely sustainable right now?

This is a question we often hear. As is the question: why is the transition to sustainable energy not progressing much faster? The video report below illustrates the ideas of a number of people in the Netherlands.

Investing in sustainable energy
Of all the energy Nuon generates, approximately 11% is produced sustainably. We aim to increase the portion of sustainable energy significantly in the coming years, to be CO2 neutral in 2050. By continuing to invest in technology that will make sustainable energy supplies a reality. While we invest in the development and use of saving devices and consumer advice, we are also focused on wind, hydro and solar energy.

One hundred percent sustainable energy is - at this moment - unfortunately still not possible. The wind and the sun do not deliver constant energy and therefore require a flexible back-up capacity. Biomass is (still) not available in large enough quantities. Therefore, for a reliable and affordable energy supply, coal and natural gas are still required.

Fuel mix for a reliable production
Nuon has consciously chosen for a mix of fuels, to be less dependent on one sort of fuel or technique. We produce energy from sustainable sources (wind, water and biomass), fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) and blast furnace gas. By continuing to make conscious decisions and to strive for the right balance, we can produce and deliver reliable, affordable energy that is as clean as it possibly can be.

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